The team

The eShop Alliance USA Team

Marc Ba – The dreamer

Marc is the dreamer and creative in the team. Marc’s challenge is to find ways to improve Onlineshop Management and Multichannel strategies to create even better results for our business partners and ourselves. Target always is that all involved parties participate in achieved improvements which either translate in higher sales or cost savings. Every day he makes new plan, trys them and implements in the end.

AJ – The problem solver

AJ is the problem solver in the team. No matter what problem shows up. No matter whether it is a simple computer problem of an employee or a highly complex question of eShop interfaces. AJ will solve it. He does not see problems he see’s opportunities to solve problems. AJ every day finds, solve and completes problems and issues.

WCK – The connector

WCK is the connector in the team with a large network. He has expertise in many fields, especially international purchasing. He connects the dots, when new products need to be manufactured and launched to market. WCK is the guy who handles the supply.

Marcus MP – The man of action

Marcus MP is the man of action. Like a good oiled machine he manages operations. Marcus handles incoming orders, manages the service department and runs the fulfillment ops. Whenever something needs to be done, Marcus is the man who will handle it until its crossed of the to do list.