eShop Manager

Have you ever heared one of your business friends tell a story like this?

A creative business owner, who is successfully operating an online store, complains that with an ecommerce you have to 24/7 available. There is no more time left for creative task, or even growing the business by going after new clients. Operations take up the entire day, new employees is a tough decision, since the related fix costs in the seasonal business eat up to much margin. And all the regulations that come with employees. And thinking about a vacation, spending some of the hard earnd dollars? Unthinkable. One day the business owner learns about the eShop Alliance. A group where members get eCommerce outsourcing service at a fixed rate of 15% of sales. The eShop Alliance handles all the daily operations. Process orders, bank statements, fulfillment handling and even book keeping. All things that need to be done, but are not making money. Actually they all cost money. Good to know that the cost is always 15 cents on every dollar made. No matter whether its high season or low season. For the business owner this is perfect, he always exactly knows his cost, which allows him to better plan the growth and developement of his company. And more important eShop Alliance leaves him with more time. Time he now uses with his family.

Do you know this person? Is that maybe even you?

Advantages summarized:

- More time that you can use to make more sales, or spent it with family

- More profit per hour invested in your business

- Let the eShop Alliance handle daily operations, from order management to fulfillment

- No fix costs, pay only when you make a sale

- No set up costs if you purchase an eShop from eShop Alliance

Curious how this works?

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