eShop Marketing

No awareness, no sales. This is no rocket signs, but very simple maths. If you operate en eCommerce business, you know how important it is to attract potential buyers via the different channels available. May this be Google adwords, display networks, affiliate, print and offline marketing. All those channels are not free, even the high value SEO is not free, as it requires huge time investments. Time being the most expensive good in this world, it is usually not the cheapest way to attract new customers. At least not in the short term and with the wrong strategy.

But summarized you can say, No ticky, no washy.

With more marketing, and the corresponding more awareness you will have more sales. The tricky part is to find the right balance between dollars spent, and return per merketing dollar spent. This needs expertise and knowledge. We are experts in operating eCommerce websites, and with that in operating results driven marketing campaigns using the most innovative channels of marketing available. At the same time maximizing the dollar value, what sometimes may mean using old school methods like print. Only when you find the right mix, you will see the results you want.

Do not bother with those tasks and let the experts do this job. Outsource the tasks that are not worth your time spent. Rather focus on your customers and product developement and let us do the work.

Minimum budget needed for a successful campaign: USD 500 per months.

Let’s get started right NOW, every minute you wait you are loosing cash!

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